Pest Control for your home

Pests are unwanted as they tend to disrupt normal human activity. They may bite, spoil our food or clothes, damage property or even cause irritation. Pest control, on the other hand, refers to the process of regulating these creatures through use of different means. People who have specialized in the practice are known as exterminators. Austin is home to many pests. In this article, we will focus on the various types of pests and the methods that can be used to get rid of them including the use of Accurate Termite & Pest Control of Austin Texas, who are expert exterminators.

Types of Pests


It is important to know the different types of pests present in your house. This will help you get the right remedy as not all pests are dealt with the same way. Here are some pests prevalent in many homes.


Wasps and Bee

Numerous species of wasps are common in many areas. Wasps and bees are types of insects that sting. Most of the time you will find that these stinging insects have made your home their habitat. This mostly occurs with wasps. Their stings are painful and even allergic to some.


Spiders are relatively large organisms as compared to bees. They injure their prey/enemy through releasing poison into the target’s body. The pest control department of Austin, Texas, stated that there are two major types of spider species present-The black widow and the brown recluse. These two species are quite venomous.


The American cockroach is prevalent in Austin. They are almost the same size as spiders. They tend to hide in kitchens where they feed on remains and crumbles. These do not sting or bite. However, they are capable of terminating human food. They also produce foul smells.


These are rodents that normally bite our clothes and food whenever they are present in our homes.

Pest control methods

Before embarking on a pest control in Austin, it is prudent to seek the services of an exterminator. This will assist in determining the level of infestation. The following methods are commonly used.

Biological control

This method mainly applies to the low level of pest infestation. It involves using pets to control the pests. For instance, one could use a cat to control rats. In high levels of infestation, it may prove to be unsuccessful.


These are chemicals specially designed to kill pests. They are of different kinds. However, there are some that are broad spectrum. This method is effective as when you find a certain type of pest has infested your home; you just need to buy a chemical for that particular pest.

Mechanical methods

hbtgvdcThis method is usually defective. It is short term. A common occurrence in Austin is one where people opt to soak their beddings in hot water to control bed bugs. They will eventually come back since habitats such as the bed have not been sterilized.

There are other traditional methods such as the use of traps for rodents. However, with time these methods have been rendered useless, especially in cases of a high infestation.

Pest control requires the cooperation of both the specialists (exterminators) and the home owners. It is only through these bonds that pests will be effectively eliminated in the homes.