Using a moving company when relocating a big corporation

When you sell a home, you can hire a moving company to help you move. But who do you call if your business is relocating to a different city? Removals Northampton will be able to handle any type of moving, whether it is small or large, they can get you there. When you are moving a company, you will have some heavy things that will not be able to be lifted by a person or persons so that you will need a fork lift. Moving companies that handle moving a large corporation will have the required tools to get the job done.

In this article, we will go over what is involved in moving your business or corporation.

Moving trucks

2When you are dealing with big items, you will need the proper truck and trailer. Most of these trucks have a 44-foot trailer that will hold up to 26 tons of weight; any more than that will require a special trailer that has 8 set of rear tires that also has a motor, and the rear tires can turn.

To operate this type of trailer, you need to have a hauler permit. If you need to use more trucks, then they have you covered; they have over 20 moving semi trucks that will get the job done fast.


When you are hauling item from one state to another state, you will be driving through other state lines. Each state will have an inspection for truckers hauling from state to state. What this does is to prevent any type of illegal drug trafficking. You will also have to have a permit to cross each state. After you go through the inspection, you will then have to go through a weighting scale to see if your truck is over weight.

If your truck is over weight, you will be red tagged and have to be placed on stand by time for over 10 hours, and you will have to find a way to take items off the truck to make it weigh less, so you can pass the scale.

Fee for the moving company

3When you are moving a large amount of item that doesn’t require a clinical permit, they will only charge for the labor and fuel for the trucks. If you have to transport any type of chemical, you will be required to pay for the permit, plus the labor and the fuel for the truck or trucks.